Cochin Carnival – Let The Celebrations Begin To Welcome 2019!

Cochin Carnival – Let The Celebrations Begin To Welcome 2019!

It is December already. Which means, Christmas and New Year is round the corner! It’s the season of celebrations. So here comes the important question, what are your plans for this holiday season? If you have not made many plans, then we’ll give you an idea for the best way to spend your time this festive season. In some places or countries, there are certain celebrations in which the activities carried during these are now a part of their tradition and is woven deep into their culture. One such celebration is the Cochin Carnival. For all those who have attended it, they know that this indeed is the best way to welcome a new year.

The Cochin Carnival is held at Fort Cochin. The colourful fiesta starts on 25th December, 2018 and ends on New Year’s Eve by beautifully welcoming the birth of a new year. If you want to begin 2019 on a colourful and in the most memorable way, then Fort Cochin in Kerala is the right place. The hotels, lodges, homestays, etc. all tend to be fully booked well ahead of the Christmas season. So it’s best that you plan up your holiday way ahead; maybe right away! Don’t worry about your travel during your stay at Cochin. To move about from one place to another, Cityrides has a fleet of scooters that are rented out.

What exactly is the Cochin Carnival?

The Carnival pretty much has a Portuguese origin. The Portuguese ruled over Kerala during the 16th and 17th century, and Fort Kochi was their capital at the time. Since the Portuguese found it difficult to celebrate New Year here in Kerala their way; following their customs and traditions, they eventually brought their celebrations to Kerala. This in turn then shaped the Cochin Carnival.

The Carnival begins with a flag hoisting and ends with burning down an old man effigy, which is well-known by the name “Pappanji”. The Pappanji is a giant Santa.

The Cochin Carnival Celebrations

The flag hoisting ceremony held on 25th December officially marks the beginning of the Carnival festivities. As you can guess, hoisting of the carnival flag is done so as to carry on the tradition which the Portuguese left behind. The carnival flag is hoisted on the Vasco Da Gama Square. What proceeds then are days of festivities which include games, processions, parades, fairs, art displays, etc. One could view colourful decorations all around that adds to the festive atmosphere.

Major highlights of the Carnival:

  • Enjoy the thrill of the games

Cheer and watch the games as teams and their players play to be crowned a winner. The various games played include volleyball, tug-of-war, wrestling, swimming, cycle race, boxing, etc.

  • What is a carnival without a costume parades and processions?

One of the colourful attractions of the Carnival is the costume parade. Adorned in various costumes, both children and adults take part in the parades. On the New Year’s Day, there is a large procession which is accompanied by “chenda melam” and various dance forms. The procession begins from Fort Cochin and ends on the beach, late at night.

  • Watch the beautifully decorated and well-lit Christmas tree at Veli ground. This Christmas tree is in fact a banyan tree which is beautifully adorned with lights and decorations. It is also the largest Christmas tree in town.
  • Go crazy shopping at Vasco Da Gama square

Be it a gift for your loved one back home, or simply some items that caught your attention, whatever it may be, shop them from the array of shops at the Vasco Da Gama square and the streets nearby.

  • Enjoy late night musical performances
  • Try out the tastes of Kerala – finger-licking good delicacies that you can eat to your heart’s content

The Cochin Carnival sounds fun. Is it not? So then why wait to make plans for the holiday season. Head straight to Cochin and enjoy a memorable holiday while welcoming the New Year in the best possible way. If you are planning on staying for the entire Carnival, or if you are there for a couple of days, Cityrides’ scooters will help you with all your local travel requirements.

Now, Cochin is not just the only place where you can celebrate this holiday season. In fact, every tourist destination in Kerala has already made arrangements to give the best holiday experience for all visitors. So planning a drive to Athirappilli, Munnar, Thekkady, etc. would not be a bad idea. Looking for a ride? No need to go anywhere else. Caferides have got it all covered. With a fleet of luxury motorcycles that includes the beast – the Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, etc., Caferides will make your holiday riding on your dream ride possible.

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Happy holidays and enjoy a safe ride!