It’s been Two Years. Here’s the Journey So Far.

It’s been Two Years. Here’s the Journey So Far.

Everyone dreams of a road trip with his friends or his or her close ones – riding together, exploring places and even trying out adventurous activities like trekking. But what mostly happens is that many of these dreams just stay as dreams. To go on such trips, one needs a real beast or some motorcycle that has such capacity. If you simply Google up “how much does a Royal Enfield cost?” The answer that comes up is, the price for the cheapest bike From there, the price only soars up. Therefore, owning one sometimes is difficult for many. But a motorcycle enthusiast always has that undying fire within him when it comes to a ride, right.

“Adventure tourism” as many put it was becoming hugely popular in Kerala. With its apt terrain, Kerala had many places to where riders could plan a trip together. Some of the most famous destinations include Munnar, Athirappally, Thekkady, Cochin, etc. Again, as mentioned above, not all own their own sweet ride and so, though many dreamt of a ride, only some made it possible.

Now, it was a solution to all of these, when we went forward with “Caferides” in January 2017.

The beginning:

Caferides was Kerala’s first legal motorcycle rental company and is located in Kochi; a venture that three friends took up with the support and prayers of their kith and kin. Every individual aged 21 and above, who wanted to enjoy the thrill of riding could now easily rent the luxury motorcycle of their dreams.

“Well begun is half done”, you are all familiar with this proverb. Caferides too had the best beginning, but not an easy one. To begin something that was first of its kind always comes with a price – some hurdles. But despite all the small hurdles which they had to face, the three friends had only one goal – complete what they started; which was Caferides. With excellent services and affordable prices, we always ensured that our clients were served with a smile and that they too returned with a smile. Caferides has a collection of some of the best luxury bikes which included the most popular brands like Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson. Some of the notable motorcycles in the field include: Royal Enfield Himalayan Black, H D Street 750, RE TBT 350, RE CLASSIC 350, BAJAJ Avenger cruise 220, Mahindra Mojo, etc. To view the list of bikes in the fleet, visit Caferides also has a wide range of accessories that are necessary for riders which include: jackets, helmets, knee guards, saddle bags, etc. And so, with exemplary services and the best fleet, Caferides soon gained notice.

From there on, the journey was memorable and eventful.

A trip down the memory lane

When you have ventured into serving people; to make their dreams come true and started off with something that was to set a role model, every small event turns to be another milestone achieved and an evergreen memory.

A few words from the riders

“Love it. You made a big job to satisfy the dream of mad riders like me. Thanks a lot.” – Kashyap

“Hassle free experience, Good range of well-maintained bikes. Bike was very well maintained and didn’t have any issues all through. A wonderful experience from booking to return. A good experience overall.” – Faiz

“Thank you Caferides Luxury Motorcycle Rentals for the renting out the beautiful machine in the best condition possible for a rental motorcycle.” – Vince Pai about his ride to Vagamon on Himalayan

A big thanks to all the support and love each of you have given Caferides. It is this and the satisfaction achieved when every rider’s dream turns into a reality that keeps Caferides going forward. Hope all your prayer and support will continue. Caferides looks forward to another year of success!


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A Happy and safe ride to all.