5-Day Kerala Motorbike Road Trip Itinerary from Kochi

5-Day Kerala Motorbike Road Trip Itinerary from Kochi

Kerala Motorbike Road Trip

Kerala is a top-notch destination for every traveller who loves to enjoy lush greenery, picturesque locations and diverse landscapes. God’s own country has lots to offer for tourists and explorers alike. At the heart of the state is Kochi, a city famous for historic buildings and churches. The city is also known for its unique blend of cultures. This is also the best place to start a great motorcycle ride in which you can cover many places that offer a wide variety of experiences. So, if a motorbike ride from Kochi still in your bucket list, Caferides is the right spot form where you can rent a bike and kickstart your trip! Here you can read a 5-day motorbike road trip itinerary which might help you on the way after getting your motorbike from us.

Kerala Tour

Day 1: From Kochi to Munnar

It would be recommended to start your trip before noon as you can reach Munnar before night. You can either choose the route through Aluva or the one through Kakkanad. The latter route is advised as the traffic will be comparatively less. After about a three-hour ride from Kochi, the landscapes will become hilly as the roads gain elevation. Riding through small towns and changing landscapes is indeed an enjoyable part of the journey.

After about 5 hours (130 km), you will reach Munnar. You can see tea plantations all around and the climate is quite cool. Cocoa is another plant grown here in addition to tea, so you can also try some homemade chocolates which are up for sale around town! On your ride en-route Munnar, make sure that you ride slowly and stop at different viewpoints to enjoy the scene. The road condition is good but there are occasional potholes. So be careful about that. Plenty of local petrol pumps are also available on the way to refill your vehicle.


Day 2: A ride through Munnar

You may check out from your rooms and start early during the morning towards the top point to watch the sunrise. The view from the top point is spectacular as it extends deep into the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. After watching the sunrise, you can have a leisurely ride from the top point as the early daylight gives a shining view of the tea plantations. You may spend your time till afternoon riding around the tea plantations and stopping at viewpoints. A section close to Echo-point is a popular viewpoint where you can go. You can continue your ride from Munnar to the next destination, Thekkady. The initial part of this ride will be through tea plantations and gradually the landscape changes from tea plantations to thick forests. You will reach Thekkady by late afternoon.

Remember to carry your jacket as the climate gets chilly especially during the mornings. The road conditions are good, but narrow at some points with several deep potholes. Petrol pumps are very few, so remember to refill just after checking out your rooms from Munnar. The distance from Munnar to Thekkady is 125 km. The time taken for the ride is roughly 4 to 5 hours which includes sightseeing.

Periyar National Park

Day 3: Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park is famous for its wildlife especially tigers. The number of visitors will be high if it is a weekend and you will need to book most of the hikes before. A boat ride on Periyar lake is a major attraction here but the tickets can be sold out very quickly. Unfortunately, if you could not book a guided hike nor get a ticket for the boat ride, what you can do is ride through the 4-km pavement road to the lake. You can enter the park after paying an additional fee for the vehicle. After visiting the park, you may continue your afternoon ride towards Kumarakom. You will reach Kumarokam during the late afternoon. The distance from Thekkady to Kumarakom is 125 km (4 to 5 hours ride). The road conditions are good but narrow at some points.


Day 4: Cruising the Backwaters

Kumarakom bird sanctuary is a main highlight of Kumarakom. The best time to visit the sanctuary is during the its opening hours (6.30 am) as the chances of seeing birds are high. The sanctuary is not much big, so you can complete the visit in nearly 2 to 3 hours. During the afternoon, you can cruise canals around Kumarakom backwaters. Many overnight cruises depart from Alapuzha, so if you need more cruise options, you can head towards Alapuzha.

Arabic coast kerala

Day 5: Ride through the Arabian Coast

On the last day of the journey, you will leave Kumarakom and move along the Arabian Coast which gives you a smooth riding experience through small fishing villages. This ride leads back to your starting point, Kochi. On this route, remember to stop at Mararikulam beach to chill on the white sand beach!

On the way make sure that you take the less travelled coastal roads to enjoy the villages. The distance from Kumarakom to Kochi is nearly 55 km with an estimated travelling time of roughly 2 hours which includes the time you stop for sightseeing. There are many pumps when you enter the national highway but it’s better to refill just after you leave Kumarakom as there won’t be many pumps along the coastal route. Make sure that you follow all safety tips and make these 5 days a memorable one!