Renting a two-wheeler is a smarter move than buying one. Here’s why.

Renting a two-wheeler is a smarter move than buying one. Here’s why.

Between buying and renting a two wheeler, renting one is always the smart move. Continue reading to know why.

Now, you might own a good beast. But most of the two wheelers like Royal Enfield are built to take up the heavy load and what you do regularly with the one you own would probably be going to and fro between work and home (you might go on road trips, but it’s not like you would be going on one every now and then). To do this every day, you have to spend some amount from your pocket. Adding to this is the regular maintenance and servicing costs. That’s one aspect.

Then here comes another. There are new models that continuously arrive in the market. Now, you might have a desire to try out the new model. But you just can’t afford it since you already have one. So, it is not until after a few years that you will think of buying a new model. And, if you have taken the current one you own using an EMI scheme, then it will actually take you some years to pay off the EMI of this one. Only then will you be able to think of buying a new one.

Did what has been mentioned above get you start thinking? It would have. Well, here is where renting is better than buying one. It is true that you need a bike to meet your daily travel needs. So, yes, you definitely have to buy one; but not a high performing, load-bearing two-wheeler. Instead you can buy a commuter bike that will give you decent mileage. A few good examples of commuter bikes include Bujaj Pulsar, Honda CB Hornet, Bajaj Dominar, Hero Super Splendor, etc. – the choice is endless. Do a research, ask some of your friends and then buy the best one that fits your budget well.

So, you have a commuter bike for your daily commute. And, now coming to help you enjoy your road trips, this is where bike rentals come to the rescue. Remember when we mentioned that as a biker, within you there will be a desire to try out different two wheelers and not just one. Well, with renting bikes you can do just that. So, here are some of the best things that renting a bike can assure you.

  • A variety of choice

Yes, walking into a two wheeler rental is not going to be like walking into a two wheeler showroom. But then why say this? It is because; the choices you will get at a bike rental will hugely depend on the rental you choose. If you choose one that has an impressive fleet with several new and latest models, you have a choice between them. So, research and choose a good one. To help you out a bit, if you are looking for a good and established bike rental service, there is one in Cochin, Kerala. Caferides is one of the best two wheeler rentals in Kochi. Surprisingly, they are also the first legal bike rentals in Kerala and extensively promote bike tourism. Their fleet includes various models of Royal Enfield and Harvey Davidson. To know more about them, visit

  • Peace of mind

When you own a two wheeler there is a lot has to be taken care of; there are the services, maintenance, the EMI, insurance and so on. But if you are to rent one, everything’s covered. All you have to do is book one, go for your ride, enjoy it and the return it (of course, return it in good shape just the way they gave it to you).

  • Test a new ride

You cannot own every model arriving in the eye that catches your eye (unless you are Shahrukh Khan or some big-time celebrity!). But you can still enjoy different choices. Bike rentals often add new models to their fleet. Here for example, Caferides adds up new members to their fleet.

  • Save some money

Unlike buying a two wheeler, renting a bike is way budget-friendly. You pay for the distance you run, and can rent for the duration you need, maybe like a one-day rental or so – you can rent it, ride it and return it. It is that simple and easy!

Well, think about all what we just discussed here. If you feel this indeed is a good idea, then buy yourself a commuter bike, and when you plan on going for a road trip, don’t forget about Caferides, the best two wheeler rentals in Kochi!