Ride Safe: Wear Motorcycle Riding Gear

Ride Safe: Wear Motorcycle Riding Gear

Riding on a two-wheeler? Yes, it is super fun! But it has its own dangers. So does a car. But we don’t wear helmets and gloves etc. when we drive a car right. That is why two-wheelers are more dangerous. To many, wearing protective gear is a tiresome and time wasting task as they claim to be, they are perfectly safe because they ride very carefully and not too fast. Well my friend, the road is not always just yours. Isn’t it? You may be extra careful about riding on the road. But what if another car or bus or truck or even a simple human unintentionally jump across you? Now, unlike in a car or bus, you are not protected (to least say that way). You are exposed. One small bump or fall, and off you go thrown from your ride. This is why officials insist on using a lot of gear before you go riding. Here, we will take a look at the major ones you should not avoid.

  • Helmets

As far as every list prepared for motorcycle rider safety goes, helmets pop up right on top. Indeed they are the most essential element in the safety gear that you should own. Here is why. Did you know that motorcycle riders have riskier chances of suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that any other accident victims? This is because their chances on being thrown off from their ride during the event of an accident and hitting their head while landing are significantly higher. Scary right. So always make it a point to use helmets, not just the rider, but also his or her pillion rider as well.

  • Jackets

The moment you hear jackets, expect a heavy price tag. Quality things very often does not come with cheap price tags. Putting aside the price thing, jackets cover your body – the arms, ribs, back and of course, the organs. Why I mentioned about the price tags at the beginning was that most people tend to look for cheaper leather jackets that look stylish too. But those are what you should not look out for. Buy a good quality jacket that will do it’s job perfectly, and that is, protect you body.

  • Gloves

In your body, your hands are one of the most fragile and useful organs. During the event of a crash, they are also likely one of the first things that will touch down. Therefore, you need to protect them. Motorcycle gloves are specially designed to cover and protect your wrists, fingers, palm and back of your hands. So, buy good quality motorcycle gloves.

  • Armor 

During an accident, the rider is sure to be thrown off from his two-wheeler. And when he hits the ground, the impact is definitely going to bring out some energy. What armors do is that they absorb there energies, which otherwise would have been transferred to your joints and limbs. Thus armors are very important.

  • Riding Boots

Motorcycle boots are extremely important, assuming that you want to protect your feet and ankles.

Motorcycle boots should fit well and be comfortable. If your feet aren’t comfortable, it’ll contribute to distraction and fatigue while riding. Motorcycle boots also need to provide protection from the bike’s exhaust pipes, extreme cold and other weather conditions, and road debris. The soles should be flat (rather than heeled), able to stand up to frequent road impact, be resistant to oil and other chemicals, and maintain good traction with the road, the bike’s pegs and the gear shifter. The ultimate test comes in a crash. A pair of boots should protect against foot and ankle injury in most accidents.


All of these equipment listed above can cost one quite a fortune. But when it comes to protecting your body aren’t they worth it? So before you take off for a ride, make sure you are well-protected too, as safety always comes first my friend. And a nasty on-road accident can sure turn your sweet ride into an inferno. So ride safe. Stay happy!