Ride with rain

Ride with rain

               “If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride at all!” (Don’t know whose these words were; but, they are pretty intense right!) Riding in the rain is a tough job for motorcycle riders – exposed to the rain,dirt,wind, and cold. But, it indeed is one-of- a-kind experience; an adventure that every rider passionate about riding must try. Adventure is a part of life that you don’t want to miss. We all have a life only once on this planet. So, keep it interesting. Live it full; that you don’t regret in the end. A short one day trip from Cochin to Athirappally would be a good choice to try out. Here is a short travel itinerary to help you.

The distance you would have to cover on this one-day trip would be about 140 kilometers – Cochin to Athirappally and then back to Cochin. If you do not own a ride, you could rent it from us – Caferides, luxury motorcycle rentals in Kochi. our fleet consists of Harley Davidson ,Royal Enfield etc,  A ride during the monsoon season in Kerala though fun would take you a bit longer to reach your destination. Slow speeds, careful planning, and the right gear should make things easier and the ride memorable.

Start early and finish early. When you ride in the rain, make sure you start and finish up before it is dark.Dark nights and the rains would make visibility poor and hence travel difficult. Start at about say 6 am.Reach Chalakudy (57 kilometers) at about 9 am. You could cover 57 km in about 2 hours. Just keep one extra hour; what if there’s traffic and a heavy rain! Stop at Chalakudy, have breakfast and then proceed to Athirappally (13 km). The route is a fabulous one with greenery on either side of the road. The rain would have given the whole place a fresh new look; all the vegetation greener and the place cooler.

Enjoy every little thing that captivates your eyes en-route and reach the waterfalls by noon (that should give you plenty of time for a lavish walk around the place and a refreshing bath in the waters from the falls). After you have covered ‘the Niagara Falls of Kerala’, another place close by that you could visit is the Vazhachal Falls (5 km from Athirappally Falls).

Start your journey back to Chalakudy well between 3 pm and 4 pm. Stop at Chalakudy for a quick break and some snacks and then continue your journey to Cochin. You should very well reach Kochi by 7 pm.Plan this one-day trip for a Saturday. This will give you enough time to take rest on Sunday and give the week ahead a fresh new start. Just like those bright and sunny days, the rainy days too are perfect for a ride. It is an experience that cannot be just explained with a few words. It is one that one must experience. For any queries and all the help; we are just a click away

Happy journey!

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  1. Great experience story u shared. Am very thrilled. Because me n my friend also planning a Munnar trip by bike. First we planned to go on our own 150cc bike. Then after seeing caferides site we changed to this. So what i want is give me some tips that you learned from your Munnar trip on Thunderbird. We too planning to go on bythunderbird.

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