Tips you can keep in mind while going for a ride with your friends

Tips you can keep in mind while going for a ride with your friends

Even if you are a solo rider, you cannot ignore the fun you have when you ride with your buddies. In fact, most riders start exploring places with their friends before going for solo trips. Riding together is indeed a great way to explore places as you have friends all along the way to share the awesomeness of the journey! Here, you can read some tips that can help you to transform your trip with your friends and make it a memorable one.

Pre-ride meet up

A pre-ride meet helps you all to meet and share information about the trip. When you plan a journey, it would be better if you do it in an immediate time frame, like in a week or two, as it is indeed a bitter truth that trips planned months before rarely happen! After finalising the journey, you can create a temporary WhatsApp group exclusively for the trip and share the necessary information on it. Everyone should have an idea regarding the route as it would be a waste of time if someone loses track on the way. Even though you need not plan every second of the journey, it would be good if you have an overview of the whole journey, like the distance you intend to cover and prominent viewpoints where you need to stop (well, some viewpoints do turn up as a surprise, never feel hesitant to stop and enjoy it!).

Plan on morning rides

When you go for multi-day rides, you will definitely have to go for morning rides. But we all know that everyone can’t get up early easily. Some people may easily wake up at 5, while some have to be kicked to get up even at 9. So it is essential that you set a realistic plan on when you will start. 7 or 8 is a good time as it gives enough time for everyone to prepare. Also, decide on when and where to have breakfast. Sometimes, you may choose to have breakfast at the hotel before leaving, otherwise, you might know some cool restaurants on the way which you want to try out.

No compromise on safety

Safety should be given top priority and you should never compromise on it during any part of the journey. When going with friends, some may enjoy riding at high speeds and he/she might be an expert in that, that doesn’t mean that slow riders need to catch up with them. Indeed, the fast rider should not urge others to catch up with him. Your group need to have a consensus that the speed of your group is the speed of the slowest rider. So while working out route plans or distance, keep in mind the skills and stamina of everyone in the group.

Always keep an eye on your fellow riders

One should always keep an eye on their fellow riders. If you had a friend who was trailing you, and you suddenly lost him for a significant amount of time. Stop your bike, call that friend and make sure that he has not lost his way. You must ensure that phones are not switched off and enable the vibration mode so that you are aware when someone makes a call. Another way is to assemble after 50-60 km so that you all can ensure that the journey is synchronous.

Track your expenses

Going with your friends can lower individual budget as most expenses are shared among the group. Delegate the task of managing and tracking expense to that friend who is good at managing funds. Instead of pooling the complete amount all at once, it will be better if you do it partly, for example, everyone can contribute a small amount during the morning and use that amount till evening before contributing the next sum. Whatever left can be given back to everyone or a better option would be to buy a beer and chill after the trip!

Necessary documents and emergency contacts

Everyone should make sure that they have all the necessary documents such as driving license, RC book, pollution certificate, insurance certificate etc. Make it a point that you start the trip only after verifying all these. You must also have an emergency number written on a piece of paper. In this age of mobile phones, we seldom memorize phone numbers, but if you guys get trapped in a remote place, there won’t be any range and the battery can drain out fast trying to catch a signal. So having an emergency number can help if you happen to meet anyone on the way who has a mobile phone.

Respect locals

Being out of your home town does not mean that you can cross the limit. So make sure that you enjoy yourself without causing any disturbance to strangers. Respect local people and their way of life. Remember that these people will definitely help in case of any troubles.

Riding with your rider buddies can indeed offer experiences that solo trips cannot provide. So do keep these simple tips in mind and make your trip a pleasant one!